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Rowland Hill Reverend + Founder of the Surrey Chapel
Len HarveyDick BurgeAlf ManziniFredie MillsJack HoodBilly WellsJack StanleyPhil ScottJack PowellKid SocksJohnny CurleyGeorges Carpentier Boxers of "The Ring"
Muhamad Ali - Henry Cooper Boxers
Moss de Young Referee of The Ring
George Harris Master of Ceremonies at The Ring
Dan Sullivan Manager of Boxers e.g. Len Harvey
Bella Burge Manager of The Ring
Text {Bella Burge):'Welcome to the boxer rebellion" with Chinese characters: justice, peace, fist, rebellion
Marie Lloyd Musical Singer, adopted Bella Burge
The 8th Marquess of Queensberry established boxing rules
Apple Tree
Alfred Hitchcock Film Director, used The Ring as a set for his silent movie "The Ring", 1926
Carl Brisson Actor, the boxer in Hitch's movie "The Ring"
Gordon Harker Actor, the trainer in Hitchcock's movie "The Ring"
John Mumford conservator, Oriental Collections of British Library (OIOC) worked in Orbit House
Tim Thomas Readers Service of OIOC, worked in OH
A book pile
Japanese wood cut (genitals of a whore, from a brothel guide, late 18th century)
The Diamond Sutra from 868 AD oldest printed book, belongs to OIOC, was stored in Orbit House
Sir Aurel Stein rediscovered the Diamond Sutra, brought it from China to London
Johannes Gutenberg "inventor" of movables types (1452)
William Caxton printed the first book in English, 1475
Anthony Panizzi Italian rebel, one of the founders of the British Museum and British Library, commissioned the round reading room of the B.L.
Charles Wilkens started printing and collecting books and prints for the India Office
Patrik Wright Managing Director of the British Museum Company
Ivory figurine, about 4000 BC British Museum item No. EA 32141
Charles Dickens Writer, passed Surrey Chapel daily as a schoolboy
William Shakespeare was staged in The Ring
Ho-Chi-Minh Vietnamese politician and revolutionary
Andreas BaaderGudrun EnsslinUlrike MeinhofMonika Berberich Members of the Red Army Faction who began their fight alongside the Vietcong
Benno Ohnesorg Student, shot dead by police in !t a demonstration against the Persian Shah, Berlin 1967
Hilary Cresk Member of the Angry Brigade, about 1975
Bobby Sands died in prison during a hungerstrike, Member of Parliament and of the IRA
Guy Debord Philosopher, Situationist, wrote "The Society of Spec
Denis Healey Politician, MOD, commissioned Orbit House
The oldest medival representation of a printing office Lyon 1500, Dance of Death.
Soldier woman showing her breasts when the Royal Navy left the harbour for the Falklands War
Winston Churchill Member of the India Of fice Cavalry
Adolf Hitler The Luftwaffe bombed The Ring twice
Karl Barth was head of the Nazi's interrogation centre of the Luftwaffe in Oberursel
A Bomber from the Blitz
Robert Atkins Actor and theatre maneger of The Old Vic organised the performances of Shakespeare in The Ring
Leslie French Actor, performed Shakespeare in The Ring
Mata Hari Dancer, was executed during the First World War as a spy by the French Military
Madonna Singer, actor
Marlene Dietrich actor
Kate Moss model
Mona Lisa
Leo Castelli American gallerist, died 1999, represented Warhol among others
Advertising Text of the Tate Gallery, slightly modihed :" The Ring and the Tate Gal lery of Modern Art will bring signifocant cultural, social and economic benehts to the Borough of Southwark, to London and to the UK as a whole "
Will Alsop Architect, commissioned to redevelop the site "Southpoint"
Stuart Bailey Landlord of Orbit House
Johnny SpenceStephan DillemuthJosephine PrydeMerlin CarpenterAlex HamiltonSarah StatonDan MitchellAnthony Davies Artists, friends
Rosalina Glogan Baby of artists and friends, born 1999
Thomas Kilpper on his knees in play pen
Gilbert & GeorgeAndy WarholMichael BasquiatSigmar PolkeHolbein the Younger Artists
Henry Abraham Kilpper's neighbour in East London, was a teenage spectator at The Ring
Klara Kilpper T.K's grandmother, lived in China
Gerhart Kilpper T K's father, born in China
Irmgard Kilpper Gerhart K's sister lived in China
Martin Kilpper T. K's brother
Michael Schumacher Racing Driver, F 1
Louisa Raeburn
Mao Tse Tung Chinese revolutionary, philosopher and politician
Chinese text (Mao): "We took some of your missioners to the mountains, you took our Diamond Sutra to Europe, we gave them back, you did not"
Sigmund Freud came as a refugee to London
Karl Marx wrote "Das Kapital" in The British Lihrary
I. Lenin lived some years in London
Mrs or Mr PigMrs and Mr RatErna the CrowMr Fox
Richard Wagner Composer of "The Ring"
Hans Richter conducted Wagner's Ring for the first time
G. F. Händel Composer of the Messiah
Sir George Smart conducted Handel's Messiah on the site
Tommy Smith sprinter, Olympicgold medallist 1968, he reised his black-gloved first as a sign of protest
John Carlos Sprinter Olympic silver medallist 1968, he protested together with Tommy Smith.
A film projector from 1907, when the chapel wasacinema
Wall painting crying Asian child opposite Hackney Town Hall.

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