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The Ring
Woodcut Project 1999-2000
Orbit-House, 197 Blackfriars Road, London

Over a period of 12 months The Ring, a 400 sqm woodcut in the parquet flooring on the 10th floor of an empty office bloc in the centre of London, came into being. In the building the Oriental Collection of the British Libray was located and as part of its Collection the oldest woodcut of the world, the Diamond Sutra from China, stored.
About 70 portraits from famous and unfamous personalities, all with a certain connection to the site, appeared on the façade and made the building reviving. Boxers, politicians, artists, popstars...
During the exhibition, which was organised by the South London Gallery (David Thorp) the entire print was hanging on the façade and like a squatter’s banner waving in the wind.
Parallel to the show and in reference to the site four lectures were given: from the head of the Oriental Collection of the British Library, from the president of London’s Ex-Boxer Association (in the 1920’s on the very spot was a popular boxing ring), from Sandy Nairne (Tate Gallery, which opened its new Gallery, Tate Modern a stone-throw away) and from the architect in charge to redevelop the site, Prof. Will Alsop, who spoke about the future of the site and of South London.