projects | london | 2002/03

making mice
rahere's workshop

rahere’s free guesthouse and
interdisciplinary workshop

interdisciplinary workshop at an empty site
of the Medical School, Queen Mary College
Charterhouse Square, London 2002/03
with students of the
Architecture Association and Royal College of Art

This project was scheduled at one of the last empty sites in the very centre of London, deriving from WW II. In collaboration with Jo Stockham, tutor at the Royal College of Art, I planned an interdisciplinary workshop with students from three disciplines: architecture, art and medicine. Under my guidance a makeshift class-room and a helter-skelter tower should be built. The material to start with should be a huge pile of thrown out furnitures from the Medical School. The Curriculum should involve lecturers from different disciplines and should include overlapping themes from medicine, art and architecture. We had good prospects to get the permission from the Medical School but in the end permission to realize the project was not granted.

© thomas kilpper
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