don't look back | camp king | oberursel | 1998/2002

don't look back
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don't look back by Angelika Nollert

Don't look back – This is the title of a work created by means of prolonged and arduous labour by the Frankfurt artist Thomas Kilpper (b. 1956), located inside a gymnasium on the former US military base of Camp King in Oberursel... [more]

No time for hesitation! History is being made.. by Martin Pesch 

History, they say, leaves its mark. This commonplace phrase disgulses what actually occurs - people leave their mark on history. Undoubtedly, the one state cannot compensate for the other. A tension remains, an insoluble dialectic through whose dynamic it becomes unciear whether the individual has a particular position in relation to conditions, or whether the conditions - the famous class, political and social conditions - have been allocated to the individual... [more]