agenda 2010 | berlin | 2005

agenda 2010

FLEISCH | Exhibition space

Michael Dreher + Thomas Kilpper

Café Moskau | Karl-Marx-Allee 34 | 10178 Berlin-Mitte
OPENING: Friday, 04.02.05 - 20.00 Uhr
Exhibition dates: 05.02.05 - 13.03.05 [viewable at all hours]

Artists Michael Dreher (Frankfurt/Main) and Thomas Kilpper (Berlin) have collaborated on the installation Agenda 2010, for the Berlin exhibition space "Fleisch” on Karl-Marx-Allee. The urgent need for a renewal of socio-economic models is the starting point and theme of the exhibition.

On the one side is Karl Marx, iconic founding figure of the Communist idea. On the other side is Money, motor and center of the Capitalist idea, represented here by the West’s three most powerful currencies, the Yen, the Euro and the Dollar. Both sides will come under the attack of ‘the basic needs of the People.’

In the end we can examine, whether and in which condition the two sides survive the game. Agenda 2010 is a six-week work-in-progress, viewable at all hours, until the 13th of March.

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